An edutainment platform where parents subscribe to a vast and constantly updated collection of interactive stories, games and videos for their children in Arabic.

What is Lamsa

#1 Arabic Edutainment Provider for Kids

Lamsa is an award-winning kids’ platform rich in quality educational and entertainment content for kids aged 2-8.

Maximize Your Child’s Potential Everyday with Lamsa by giving your child access to content that not only supports the educational curriculum, but also teaches life lessons and helps them discover their talents.

Educational & Fun

Interactive content developed through our intensive Learning Strategy that both teaches and entertains the child

Kids Safe

Lamsa has no ads and is a secure environment for ages 2 to 8 years old.

Watch Offline

Download your kid’s favorite content and watch without Internet connection.

High Quality

Our team of experts work with international & local players in education, technology, and entertainment to bring your children the content they deserve.

New Content Every Week

Your child will never stop learning. Lamsa’s content selection is updated weekly with new pieces for Premium Subscribers..

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