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Below is a list of all the Abu Dhabi Startups startups in Abu Dhabi.

List of Abu Dhabi Startups Startups in Abu Dhabi:

  • Addenda

    An insurance recovery interface that uses blockchain to help insurers resolve claims in a timelier manner. Addenda uses distributed ledger technology (DLT) to streamline processes between insurance companies. Tailored tasks are reported in real-time on our user friendly interface, and then timestamped as evidence onto the blockchain. This allows insurers to report claim and policy changes in a completely verifiable and encrypted manner. Addenda covers three industries: Health Insurance: Distributed governance tool to track and log insurance claims as they are filed in hospitals.

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  • AirCarbon Exchange

    AirCarbon: Revolutionizing Carbon Trading Company Overview AirCarbon is a digital exchange that is disrupting the carbon trading market by eliminating market friction in a carbon-constrained economy. The company specializes in securitizing carbon credits into fungible and tradable securities with transparent pricing and real-time settlement. By providing innovative solutions, AirCarbon aims to simplify carbon trading and promote environmental sustainability. Seamless Carbon Trading on the Air Carbon Exchange At the heart of AirCarbon’s operations is the Air Carbon Exchange, a cutting-edge platform that enables users to engage in the buying, selling, and hedging of carbon credits with ease.

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  • AmmbrTech

    A platform that delivers internet connectivity to underserved communities with a range of content, services and products. Ammbrtech’s decentralized Industrial mesh technology combined with low cost multi-radio routers redefine what is possible. We deliver digital services for people and machines wherever they are. This is the LAST MILE. High Speed: Depending on your use our network delivers high speed capacity to your point of service. Low Latency: Instant responsiveness is a major factor in creating exceptional usability and we deliver.

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  • Amwal Tech

    Amwal Tech: Revolutionizing Digital Payments with Biometric Authentication and Checkout Solutions Amwal Tech, a startup based in Abu Dhabi, is transforming the digital payment landscape with its innovative biometric authentication and checkout solutions. The company offers powerful biometric checkout and conversion solutions that drive revenue, decrease abandoned carts, and increase customer loyalty. Their biometric authentication and checkout technology combines identity verification, fraud prevention, and payment into a single API, offering a frictionless payment experience for users.

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  • Arabot

    A smart chatbot for enterprises and government entities that utilizes artificial intelligence to improve customer experience. Arabot’s AI proprietary technology stands out as the pioneer platform of its kind, providing an intelligent Arabic bot built upon a state-of-the-art Arabic NLP engine, which deals with understanding and analysing Arabic content and conversation in an accurate and efficient way. 2-3x Sales Increase Not only do our chatbots assist customers instantly, catering to the modern-day customer’s sense of urgency and showing that your business takes customer service seriously, but they can also keep potential customers interested and push them further ahead in the sales funnel.

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  • baraka

    We are on a mission to educate, enable and empower everyone to invest. We are here to transform the investment landscape so everyone can succeed. baraka is the tool that empowers your investing. It’s the knowledge, community and potential that old-school investing methods lack. It’s confidenceβ€”not just to invest, but to become an investor. Invest in US stocks and ETFs from the GCC with zero commission. Our Story Our story began during the Covid-19 pandemic, when the world was in a period of great uncertainty.

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  • Bayzat

    A platform for companies to manage HR administration and benefits including health insurance, payroll, time off, employee records and attendance. Bayzat is a technology company that provides health insurance and small business HR software. Compare real-time pricing of over 100 policies in under 2 minutes. Buy an insurance policy that suits your needs while cutting out more than 50% of the processing time. Use our technology to explore your health benefits and stay in your network.

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  • BitOasis

    The MENA region’s largest online digital asset platform. Buy, sell and trade in the Middle East trading and using digital assets made easier, cheaper, and more secure BitOasis is a leading cryptocurrency trading platform in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, providing a digital asset wallet and exchange to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies. The company was co-founded by Ola Doudin and Daniel Robenek in 2015. BitOasis is headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and serves the broader Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region.

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  • Bulkwhiz

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  • CompanyEgg

    CompanyEgg is a global business search engine with over 200M pages. We’re the largest 100% ad-free business search engine on the internet. Business Search Engine CompanyEgg is the largest site on the internet dedicated to helping businesses market themselves in an increasingly digital-first world. CompanyEgg is the world’s only business search engine without ads. We are on a mission to publish the entire world’s business data on an extremely fast platform that respects both consumers and business owners.

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  • Dapi

    A financial interface that lets fintech apps leverage open banking by initiating payments and accessing real-time banking data DAPI is the first financial API in MENA that lets fintech apps leverage open banking by initiating payments and accessing real-time banking data. DAPI is the driving force of fintech ecosystems in MENA. Almost every fintech software either requires financial data of its users, or the ability to authorize bank transactions. We have packaged this into one single API that connects fintech apps to banks all over the region.

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  • Denarii Cash

    A mobile app that simplifies international money transfer. Denarii is a modern cross-border payment system for migrant workers. Top 4 reasons why using Denarii Cash to send money home: 1. Easy to use Set up your free account in minutes, pay by debit/credit card or bank transfer. 2. Fast & Easy Transfers Same-day delivery to dozens of countries. 3. Safe & Secure Money Transfers Send money internationally with Denarii Cash.

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  • dopay

    A cloud-based payroll service that allows employers to calculate salaries and make payments electronically. For Employers: Issue Visa cards to your employees and contractors Our Visa cards give your employees and contractors access to their dopay account 24/7. It allows you and your company to save time and costs while lowering risk by paying everyone electronically Cash payroll is a thing of the past, go digital with dopay Pay one or multiple employees, schedule payments and open a dopay account for each employee, instantly, using our dopay for business app

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  • DX Compliance

    DX Compliance: Empowering AML Compliance with Innovative Software Solutions DX Compliance is a startup specializing in Anti-Money Laundering (AML) software solutions. Their mission is to help organizations achieve regulatory compliance by leveraging advanced technologies and empowering compliance professionals in the AML domain. This profile explores the key features and offerings of DX Compliance, their association with the vibrant startup ecosystem in Abu Dhabi, and their commitment to supporting sustainable fintech growth.

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  • eFunder

    About eFunder.ai eFunder.ai is a leading digital financing platform that provides SMEs with instant cash and consistent cash flow against their receivables. The platform aims to help businesses maintain cash flow, grow their startups, and scale their operations. eFunder.ai offers flexible and hassle-free financing options to address cash flow and working capital challenges faced by SMEs. Key Features and Benefits Instant Cash: eFunder.ai provides instant same-day payments, ensuring quick access to working capital.

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  • Erad

    Erad FinTech Profile Erad is a startup based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia with offices in Abu Dhabi. The company focuses on providing non-dilutive funding and payment solutions for online businesses in the Middle East. Its mission is to support the growth of the digital economy in the region by helping online businesses secure funding without diluting their ownership stakes. Erad recently raised $2.4M in a pre-seed funding round from investors such as Khwarizmi Ventures, Almoayed Ventures, and Select Venture Equity.

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  • FinFlx

    FinFlx, a UAE-based fintech startup with offices in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, is making a mark in the financial industry with its novel approach to workplace savings. The company presents a revolutionary savings plan known for its flexibility and high yield potential. Through its smart, flexible solutions, it is redefining how businesses manage their finances and how employees save for the future. The company’s solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

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  • Furnwish

    Furnwish was a tech company creating tools and creative solutions for the furniture industry using augmented reality and artificial intelligence. Our commitment is to empower retailers with cutting-edge solutions that can enhance their customers experiences and customize it further. It is no longer in business. BRING YOUR SHOWROOM TO YOUR CUSTOMER’S HOME WITH A CLICK OF BUTTON Using Augmented Reality & Artificial Intelligence, your clients will visualize every product in accurate measurements & insightful recommendations.

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  • GetBee

    GetBEE is the technology that empowers businesses throughout the world to attain global expansion. We are helping scale e-business segments such as online coaching, virtual healthcare, online education, and professional training, among other factions. Since our inception, we have become an essential business-to-business solution for enterprises that aim to offer a high-performance e-consulting service to their clients. Expertise is your companies' greatest asset. Let us help you expand your client base internationally, grow your roster of experts and extend your online presence.

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  • Humanitas

    A company that enables foreign aid, philanthropy and remittance to directly reach, rank and support the most effective local nonprofits. We leverage technology to provide a holistic solution to understand, assist, and accelerate community empowerment. Civilians and refugees use our mobile web app to collect information about needs and issues in their communities and connect with others in their location with similar interests. Those needs and sentiments are then presented on a geospatial dashboard to potential changemakers - be that the students themselves, NGOs, or policy makers.

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  • Humtap

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  • Krews

    A tech-enabled social networking platform where users can book, organize and pay for sports and social events via a registered network. Krews is an online application that allows users to easily connect, plan and organize events with each other. Whether it’s looking for a fun chill out session or wanting to partner with buddies to play a game of football, Krews is the platform that will get you the company you’re in the mood for.

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  • Lamsa

    An edutainment platform where parents subscribe to a vast and constantly updated collection of interactive stories, games and videos for their children in Arabic. What is Lamsa #1 Arabic Edutainment Provider for Kids Lamsa is an award-winning kids’ platform rich in quality educational and entertainment content for kids aged 2-8. Maximize Your Child’s Potential Everyday with Lamsa by giving your child access to content that not only supports the educational curriculum, but also teaches life lessons and helps them discover their talents.

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  • MidChains

    MidChains is seeking to become one of the world’s first fully regulated exchanges for digital asset trading and investing (crypto assets, digital securities & commodities, stable coins) with a direct access public exchange. MidChains Business Overview A Global Institutional, Blockchain Enabled, Multi-Asset Investment Exchange Conceptualized in 2017 and founded in 2018, MidChains is an upcoming institutional digital asset trading exchange and custodian based in Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) seeking to operate under the Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA) regulatory framework.

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  • MYKI

    MYKI was a Next-Gen Offline Password Manager for Individuals & Teams MYKI was acquired by JumpCloud in February 2022 for an undisclosed amount. Myki Security was founded in 2015 by Antoine Vincent Jebara and Priscilla Elora Sharuk. Myki launched its product in a private beta in September 2016. In 2016, Myki was the first MENA-based company selected to compete in TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield in San Francisco, California. In January 2017, Myki raised $1.

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  • Natilus

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  • Nestrom

    A SaaS operational quality management software that captures quality data and generates follow-up actions with real-time analytics. Nestrom Platform Overview Nestrom’s platform is packed with features that will cover your use-case allowing you to focus on the job itself. Easily customized forms and templates with rich media capabilities to capture critical data in an orderly manner. Automated scheduling system to generate jobs (inspections, corrective & preventive actions, etc.) Customizable workflows to route actions through implementation, feedback & close-out.

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  • Nymcard

    Digital First Card Programs Instantly create, control, and distribute virtual or physical cards using Nymcard’s modern API. Built From the Ground Up NymCard is the only player in the MENA region that owns its technology. We have built our tech stack from the ground up and published over 100+ Open APIs. NymCard also provides fintech’s full program management capabilities supporting you with the end-to-end Card Program lifecycle. Leverage Our Bank Relationships To Launch & Scale At Speed One integration & one partner allows you to easily replicate and launch into as many countries as you need.

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  • Okadoc

    An instant booking platform that allows patients to search and find in-network doctors across over 130 specialties Okadoc App Overview The Okadoc app allows you to: Instantly find a practitioner across 16,000+ profiles, 140 specialities in 1600+ clinics and hospitals all over UAE. Search by speciality, spoken language, availability, and insurance. Get to know the practitioner by checking their up-to-date, accurate and verified profile. Healthcare access is one click away whenever you need and wherever you are.

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  • Precious Payload

    A SaaS platform for the satellite industry to ease the planning and execution of space missions by finalizing the paperwork, technical analysis and supply chain management. Space Mission Management Service Your personal space mission manager Precious Payload is a friendly digital service that makes sending satellites to space EASY. Manage your paperwork, sort your insurance, and keep track of your mission roadmap β€” all from one simple, online portal.

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  • ProvenMed

    An innovative medical devices startup specialized in urinary incontinence solutions. Designed with your comfort in mind Innovative, user-friendly and reusable urinary incontinence external catheter kit designed for optimum comfort and confidence. About ProvenMed Inspired by the real-world challenges facing urinary incontinence patients, ProvenMed was founded to develop and produce effective, innovative products that bring relief to patients the world over. Providing a complete development to manufacture process, ProvenMed have developed the revolutionary ActivGo for men, a product developed entirely from the experience of a friend suffering from the condition.

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  • Pure Harvest

    Suistainable Agriculture Pure Harvest is a recognized leader in sustainable agriculture, growing year-round, pesticide-free, fresh fruits & vegetables in the Middle East. At Pure Harvest Smart Farms we pride ourselves in growing fruits & vegetables that taste like they shouldβ„’. Converting sunlight into smiles. Pure Harvest History Pure Harvest Smart Farms, Ltd. is officially registered in Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) by Co-Founders Sky Kurtz, Mahmoud Adi, and Robert Kupstas. With an early investment from Shorooq Investments and visionary angel investors, the company embarks on pre-development activities for its initial pilot facility in Nahel, Abu Dhabi Emirate, UAE.

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  • Redcrow

    An AI platform that offers risk mitigation by providing real-time security intelligence feeds supported by statistics, a mapping system, big data infrastructure, Arabic NLP and forecasting technology. General Redcrow Overview Losing focus due to security concerns in an unfamiliar environment shouldn’t have to be a factor when it comes to managing an organization. We believe that the ultimate risk mitigation strategy should be a combination of human intelligence and modern technology – this is exactly what we do at RedCrow Intelligence.

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  • rise

    A fintech platform that smoothens access to essential cross-border financial services for modest income migrants through accessible social platforms. We are re-imagining migrant banking and democratizing access to essential financial services to migrants, to help them grow. rise: Banking for Migrants Migrants matter - 250 million migrants support a billion people and are an engine of economic growth globally – yet migrant banking is broken. rise is Re-imagining banking for migrants, bringing essential financial services from their home and host country on one platform.

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  • Rizek

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  • SafarPass

    A SaaS platform for business travel and expense automation Empowering Business Travelers with an all-in-one solution to manage business trips & expenses on-the-go. Free of charge. Start saving on travel costs with SafarPass With access to exclusive rates you can enjoy saving your money and make business travel a much happier experience Largest bookable inventory: Hotels and flights deals from Booking.com, Expedia, Hotelbeds, Cleartrip, Skyscanner, Amadeus & Travelport…

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  • Sarwa

    A hybrid robo-advisor that combines technology and human counselling to simplify expert-level investing. Sarwa is an online financial advisor that takes the hurdles out of investing, while helping you maximise returns at a risk you’re comfortable with. Make the most of your money by putting it to work with Sarwa Whether you’re new to investing or a seasoned pro, Sarwa does what is right for you and your money. We help you reach your goals faster by providing you with a suite of services that traditionally only a multimillionaire could afford.

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  • Securrency

    An open framework of services and interfaces designed to enable the integration of emerging DLT capabilities and existing banking and exchange infrastructure. Securrency has created powerful regtech and fintech infrastructure technology that delivers unmatched multi-jurisdictional identity and compliance portability across different networks. Securrency delivers to financial institutions and their clients the convenient compliance tools and true interoperability among legacy and blockchain systems necessary for global adoption of digital assets. Securrency and RegTech Securrency serves both financial institutions and regulators with multi-jurisdictional compliance technology as well as automated reporting, real-time auditing, and enforcement tools.

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  • Smart Crowd

    An investment platform that allows for micro-investments in real estate. Smart Crowd Overview SmartCrowd makes real estate investing accessible and affordable for individuals and families. Our real estate investment platform (REIP) enables people to directly invest in attractive investment properties at a fraction of total prices using a crowdfunding model. Hassle-free real estate investment platform We do all the hard work so you don’t have to. Our experts analyze hundreds of properties using our proprietary screening tool and list only the most attractive investments on our platform.

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  • Smart Navigation Systems

    An outdoor to indoor location-based solution that provides wayfinding and location-aware messaging. Smart Navigation Systems Overview We provide innovative outdoor to indoor location based solutions that fit the requirements of many use cases. We are continuing our innovation in enhancing our platform and applications. InNav is our ready-to-use platform and mobile application that presents a new form of indoor navigation solutions. Hassle-free real estate investment platform We do all the hard work so you don’t have to.

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  • Surkus

    Surkys was an enterprise software solution that combined technology with its experiential marketing expertise to provide businesses with a comprehensive, efficient, all-in-one solution. It is no longer in business. Surkus Overview Two apps, two ways to discover your new favorite businesses and products Want to discover hidden gems in your neighborhood or try new products from the comfort of your home? We have an app for that! Surkus Local App Discover businesses you’ll love We hand-pick the best businesses for the app.

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  • Teacherly

    Teacherly was a platform that enabled collaborative lesson planning and peer to peer coaching to improve learning outcomes. It raised $1.8M in seed funding from Shorooq Partners, the Abu Dhabi-based early-stage venture capital fund, and other investors. Teacherly Overview Unleash your teaching potential Flexible, remote and more collaborative teaching. The perfect platform for the modern teacher. Collaborative teaching Turn teachers into teams by making it easier for peers to collaborate in real time: wherever they may be.

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  • The Concept

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  • Trukker

    A technology-enabled truck aggregator that services businesses for their cargo movement requirements. Trukker is on a Mission to optimise logistics and fleet management using cutting edge technology Trukker Overview Founded in 2016 with over 400,000 bookings and 100+ strong team. Book a truck in 30 seconds Choose your pickup & drop location and select the desired vehicle. We’ll take care of the rest. Select the services you need Moving cargo cross border?

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  • Virtual Assets

    Virtual Assets is a blockchain and cryptocurrency company, specializing in the development of blockchain technology and virtual assets. VirtualAssets.com is the leading source for virtual assets news, reports, and in-depth research on the virtual assets industry. Virtual Assets covers the latest virtual assets news, including blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and virtual assets. They have a focus that covers the virtual asset hubs like: Abu Dhabi Dubai They also have one of the largest virtual asset newsletters in the industry.

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  • Yacob

    A nutrition management platform that enables food tracking and online payments in closed food ecosystems. Yacob is Intelligent Nutrition A digital platform that provides parents with healthier food choices for their children. As well as helping parents understand the effects and impacts of those choices. Cashless Payments Suppling each pupil with a Card to be used inplace of cash to purchase their daily school meals. Parent Monitored Top-ups To enable, parents register online and can top up and monitor their child’s account and purchases.

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