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A nutrition management platform that enables food tracking and online payments in closed food ecosystems.

Yacob is Intelligent Nutrition

A digital platform that provides parents with healthier food choices for their children. As well as helping parents understand the effects and impacts of those choices.

Cashless Payments

Suppling each pupil with a Card to be used inplace of cash to purchase their daily school meals.

Parent Monitored Top-ups

To enable, parents register online and can top up and monitor their child’s account and purchases.

Instant Transaction Updates

Every time the card is presented at a till, the balance is displayed and this lets pupils know how much money they have available.

View School Meal Menu

Pre-select and set your childs meals and snacks from a wide range of healthy options.

Transaction History

Keep track of all transaction from top-ups to purchases.

Set Limits

You can set limits on spend and food options.

Monitor Food Allergies

Create allergy notifications to help food accidents from happening.

Nutrition Value

Get access to nutrition values for meals for healthier food choices

Monitor Eating Habits

Understand what your child eats in a day. Ensuring if they are getting the right nutrionals values in every meal.

Make Eating Healthy Fun

Set rewards and acheivements for reaching health goals.

Learn more about this Abu Dhabi Startup by visting their website: https://www.yacob.com

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