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An instant booking platform that allows patients to search and find in-network doctors across over 130 specialties

Okadoc App Overview

The Okadoc app allows you to:

  • Instantly find a practitioner across 16,000+ profiles, 140 specialities in 1600+ clinics and hospitals all over UAE.
  • Search by speciality, spoken language, availability, and insurance.
  • Get to know the practitioner by checking their up-to-date, accurate and verified profile.
  • Healthcare access is one click away whenever you need and wherever you are.

About Okadoc

Okadoc is a Dubai tech healthcare company that brings you a greater healthcare experience. Patients can use Okadoc app to find nearby doctors, book doctor’s appointments online, read doctors review online, and more!

Health provider can also benefit from Okadoc by optimizing doctors’ schedules and reduce no-shows. Practitioner can publicize their background as well as their expertise through Okadoc, strengthening their online presence to attract more patients.

Okadoc app has a 24/7 intelligent medical calendar system that helps patients manage their bookings online, search doctors by location, see detailed doctors profile, and get doctor’s appointment reminders.

Okadoc delivers efficient, seamless, and simple healthcare experience.

Learn more about this Abu Dhabi Startup by visting their website: https://www.okadoc.com

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