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A technology-enabled truck aggregator that services businesses for their cargo movement requirements.

Trukker is on a Mission to optimise logistics and fleet management using cutting edge technology

Trukker Overview

Founded in 2016 with over 400,000 bookings and 100+ strong team.

Book a truck in 30 seconds

Choose your pickup & drop location and select the desired vehicle. We’ll take care of the rest.

Select the services you need

Moving cargo cross border? within the country? Want to lease a truck? Moving your home or office? Simply select your requirement and TruKKer’s got it all covered.

Get instant quotes

Get instant quotes from TruKKer based on your destination and the type of truck that you need.

Real time tracking

All our fleet is tech-enabled for real time status updates and track and trace. Be connected at all times.

Get professional service

Every truck goes through a physical asset check for safety and quality. Every driver is verified and trained to ensure compliance to TruKKer’s H&S standards and performance KPIs.

About Trukker

TruKKer is the region’s first technology enabled truck aggregator with 11,000% growth achieved in its first two years. TruKKer services 150+ businesses every day and 500+ retail clients daily for their cargo movement requirements including line haul, port movements, home relocations and last mile. TruKKer has onboarded 12,000+ drivers and trucks and employs an average 180-210 drivers and trucks daily to service its demand.

This is only the start while TruKKer sees a huge opportunity in a US$20B road freight sector only in the GCC with additional market size available in North Africa, Middle East and west Asia. The industry is ripe for technology-based aggregator given huge fragmentation in supply - 85% of fleet belongs to small or individual transporters; and primitive business processes.

1000’s of brokers and middlemen currently enjoy margins from information arbitrage between the demand and supply of trucks.

TruKKer clients are offered advanced technology solutions that offer

State of the art customer experience through ‘TruKKer Pulse’

  • Automated order bookings
  • Real time Price discovery
  • Real time status updates
  • Track and trace


  • Guaranteed trucks
  • Verified drivers and trucks
  • Digitization of documents - Waybill
  • Analytics and reporting

Commercial advantage

  • Lowest market rates
  • Reduced operational coordination
  • Reduced counter party risk

TruKKer’s real time data and analytics power its predictive algorithms to determine supply information in real time and up to 48 hours in the future to allow immediate demand fulfilment and advance bookings.

TruKKer’s active drivers typically enjoy 20%+ reductions in idle time with higher job satisfaction due to lower operational frictions from use of technology and professional practices.

TruKKer is funded by multiple reputed regional VCs and is spreading aggressively across GCC, Jordan and Egypt to create a technology enabled trucking network.

TruKKer is planning investments in highway rest areas for welfare and refreshments including secure cargo monitoring systems.

TruKKer’s investment in lidar based technologies will improve road safety and generate data for AI for advanced analytics and track driver behaviour. This can be utilized for rating drivers and reduce insurance expenses for better drivers.

TruKKer’s focus on execution, rapid growth targets, continuous improvement in tech-based products will ensure it is more successful and growth plan secured from competition from larger players. TruKKer currently enjoys 30%+ lower operating expense as compared to traditional and large logistics and road freight businesses.

Multiple ancillary revenue streams are being prepared for technology-based disruption by a truck aggregator like TruKKer.

Our drive to improve the lives of 1000’s of truck drivers; who are delivering daily in one of the most difficult professions in the world, will keep us in the path of continuous innovation and ahead of competition from traditional players.

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