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An AI platform that offers risk mitigation by providing real-time security intelligence feeds supported by statistics, a mapping system, big data infrastructure, Arabic NLP and forecasting technology.

General Redcrow Overview

Losing focus due to security concerns in an unfamiliar environment shouldn’t have to be a factor when it comes to managing an organization. We believe that the ultimate risk mitigation strategy should be a combination of human intelligence and modern technology – this is exactly what we do at RedCrow Intelligence. We are a company that takes pride in offering foolproof risk mitigation solutions in the MENA region.

RedCrow’s competitive advantage stems from local expertise in the region and technological edge. Our services may vary depending on the requirements of an organization in terms of goals, size, geopolitical environment and risk exposure – this is why we believe in working closely with our clients, offering risk mitigation solutions that are consistent with their unique situation.

With a vast online platform and easy to use mobile app, RedCrow provides security alerts in the MENA region, enabling customized automated intelligence feed in real time. We also assist in identifying and avoiding potential threats, on both tactical and strategic levels, guaranteeing comprehensive risk and threat mitigation.

Redcrow Areas of Operation

RedCrow’s goal is to be the leading and most trusted security solutions provider in the MENA region. We currently cover levant countries including Egypt, Syria, Palestine, Jordan, Israel, Lebanon, Yemen and Libya.

Redcrow Mission & Core Values


Making travel to unsafe countries, safe.


Our mission is to deliver precise targeted tactical intelligence in real-time, through utilizing technology to collect, verify and analyse data from the open source.

Core Values

These values make up the foundation of our company and help us achieve success and evaluate every decision we make.

  • Knowledge Through Data: Our commitment to safety through technology stems from believing that knowledge is power, and by delivering knowledge in real-time, we equip our clients with immense power.

  • Inclusion: RedCrow promotes inclusion in the workplace and welcomes diversity. Our encounters with all individuals are based on their unique needs, values, resources and goals. As such, we pride ourselves with being attentive listeners who are eager to help. We appreciate different behavior styles and also seek out variety in thoughts and ideas.

  • Teamwork: RedCrow is more than a company; we are a team. We are committed to a teamwork environment where everyone is encouraged to participate and learn, and are recognized and valued for their achievements.

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