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A fintech platform that smoothens access to essential cross-border financial services for modest income migrants through accessible social platforms.

We are re-imagining migrant banking and democratizing access to essential financial services to migrants, to help them grow.

rise: Banking for Migrants

Migrants matter - 250 million migrants support a billion people and are an engine of economic growth globally – yet migrant banking is broken.

rise is Re-imagining banking for migrants, bringing essential financial services from their home and host country on one platform.

Putting migrants in charge of their finances – seamlessly.

We started rise with a simple mission – to put migrants in control of their finances.Migrants send upto 90% of their income back to their families and have no control on how this money is spent. Legacy financial services have focused on reducing the cost of remittances and the time it takes to move the money.But we believe, even if free, remitting 90% of your income is the most expensive thing a migrant can do: giving up control of their hard earned income. We are building a better way and are backed by some of the best investors to help migrants grow.

rise Products

rise works with regulated financial institutions to bring a range of financial products which put the migrant in control of their finances and help them grow.

Bank Accounts

Get a no minimum balance, no minimum salary account today.We provide migrants in the UAE access to the first no minimum balance , no minimum salary bank account in the country. Get a bank account today and start saving.


You have many depending on you to support them, so allow us to help you protect that. rise has partnered with Axa to create a range of insurance products which help migrants protect what matters most to them – the future of their dependents.


Most migrants don’t have anyone to talk to them about their finances, not any more. Take our financial health check today and let us help you get started on a long term journey of growth and financial resilience.

Pay Later

You’re building for the future, and sometimes that requires spending now. We have options to support you buy now, and pay later. Affordable, quick, and for products that will last with one of the biggest retailers in the world.

Learn more about this Abu Dhabi Startup by visting their website: https://www.gorise.co

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