An insurance recovery interface that uses blockchain to help insurers resolve claims in a timelier manner.

Addenda uses distributed ledger technology (DLT) to streamline processes between insurance companies. Tailored tasks are reported in real-time on our user friendly interface, and then timestamped as evidence onto the blockchain. This allows insurers to report claim and policy changes in a completely verifiable and encrypted manner.

Addenda covers three industries:

  • Health Insurance: Distributed governance tool to track and log insurance claims as they are filed in hospitals.

  • Life Insurance: Decentralized policy applicant screening and validation tool.

  • Motor Insurance: Streamlined and automated recovery between insurers on-chain.

What it is

Addenda is a blockchain platform that uses Hyperledger Fabric to combat insurance fraud. Tailored tasks are reported in real-time on our user friendly interface, and then timestamped as evidence onto the blockchain. The Addenda platform is built to provide insurers and reinsurers with a map of policy agreements and claim progress. Users will be able to report claim movements in a completely encrypted manner for relevant insurers, reinsurers, and regulators.

How it will change insurance

Traditionally, insurance has always been a complex industry where sensitive information is “funneled” through entities that are otherwise isolated silos. Issues arise in an insurance claim’s lifespan due to poor policy administration, human error and internal or external fraud.

Although technological milestones have alleviated many inconveniences in insurance, 3–4% of all claims are still considered to be fraudulent, according to a report by the Reinsurance Group of America. In fact, according to the FBI, non-health insurance fraud alone costs American insurance companies more than USD 40 billion per year.

We believe that the future of claim management is as automated as possible, linking relevant information with those who need it most, at the right time and place. To resolve this, Addenda will provide an immutable and encrypted log of data as it happens. Insurers can rest assured that other parties will only be made aware of their claim information if the encryptions match (i.e.: if both parties are insuring the same item).

Using our platform, clients will be able to:

  • Validate ownership and provenance of property and possessions.
  • Receive notifications when instances of double-claiming arise.
  • Be informed when contribution or subrogation may be possible for certain claims.
  • Identify trends by searching the history of policy holders and their claim submissions.

Fraudulent behavior causes ripples across the entire insurance ecosystem. Damage seeps all the way down to the policyholder, whose premiums rise to make up for others’ fraudulent claims. Reinsurers are also affected: they have to rely on the capabilities of local insurers to identify fraudulent claims.

We believe that if we can articulate a claim’s lifespan accurately, we can revolutionize the definition of insurance.

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