A cloud-based payroll service that allows employers to calculate salaries and make payments electronically.

For Employers:

Issue Visa cards to your employees and contractors

Our Visa cards give your employees and contractors access to their dopay account 24/7. It allows you and your company to save time and costs while lowering risk by paying everyone electronically

Cash payroll is a thing of the past, go digital with dopay

Pay one or multiple employees, schedule payments and open a dopay account for each employee, instantly, using our dopay for business app

We make paying your employees and contractors simple: spend time growing your business and not thinking about payroll

  • Open accounts for unlimited new employees, as often as you’d like - no penalties.
  • Save time, lower costs and risk - you don’t need to count cash every time you want to pay your employees.
  • Give your employees access to the countless benefits of a Visa card and financial services.
  • We care about your experience, so are available 24X7 if you need us.

What dopay offers your employees:

Mobile App 24/7 free access to the dopay mobile app to monitor the balance activities.

VISA payments Employees can make any payments using their dopay card at any store or outlet that accepts Visa.

24/7 support An up and running hotline [16939] associated with a well-established call centre to provide the necessary support for both you and your employees 24/7.

ATM Transactions Employees can withdraw their money from any ATM across Egypt with up to three free of charge ATM transactions per month. We provide unlimited free cash withdrawals from Attijariwafa Bank ATMs all over Egypt.

SMS Notification We will send an SMS notification to an employee every time there is a financial transaction to avoid any unauthorised transactions.

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