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A hybrid robo-advisor that combines technology and human counselling to simplify expert-level investing.

Sarwa is an online financial advisor that takes the hurdles out of investing, while helping you maximise returns at a risk you’re comfortable with.

Make the most of your money by putting it to work with Sarwa

Whether you’re new to investing or a seasoned pro, Sarwa does what is right for you and your money. We help you reach your goals faster by providing you with a suite of services that traditionally only a multimillionaire could afford.


Invest in globally diversified portfolio of stocks, bonds and other asset classes tailored to your risk tolerance.

Passive, hassle-free Investing

Investing in low-cost index funds that track the market outperforms stock picking over the long term.

Easy Rebalancing

We use smart technology to rebalance your portfolio based on market movements and reinvest your dividends.

How Sarwa Works

  1. We learn about you: Where are you in your financial life and what are you investing for? How much risk are you comfortable with?

  2. We build you a portfolio: Based on your answers we’ll recommend an investing plan designed for your risk tolerance and time horizon. You can customize this at any time.

  3. Then, we put your money to work: Even while you sleep. Once we get you set-up in 5 minutes, we’re always working on your portfolio to rebalance it regularly, optimize tax exposure and reinvest dividends. All hassle-free.

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