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A SaaS operational quality management software that captures quality data and generates follow-up actions with real-time analytics.

Nestrom Platform Overview

Nestrom’s platform is packed with features that will cover your use-case allowing you to focus on the job itself.

  • Easily customized forms and templates with rich media capabilities to capture critical data in an orderly manner.
  • Automated scheduling system to generate jobs (inspections, corrective & preventive actions, etc.)
  • Customizable workflows to route actions through implementation, feedback & close-out.
  • Easy to use mobile application to capture observations, digital documents & execute tasks.
  • Access out of the box dashboards that present the status of your operations and analyze the results.
  • Integrate your choice of Business Intelligence tools to further capture custom analytics on your data.
  • State of the art cloud platform that guarantees elevated security & provides API integration end-points to connect to your systems.

Advanced Features to Ensure Compliance

You can easily guarantee your operations is complying and reporting:

  • Templated Forms: Using digital templated forms, everything will fill out as you expect.
  • Live Camera Only: Capable to limit access to camera to make sure images are from location and recent.
  • Server Timestamps: All data is stamped from the server, regardless what the user sends.
  • GPS & QR Stamping: All information is GPS tagged and jobs can be locked to QR points to ensure the presence of the user.
  • Audit Trail: All information is recorded in a historical timeline with any change to make auditing a breeze.
  • Facial Recognition: Capable of login with face photo & can also be used to sign forms to confirm the data provider.

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