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A platform that enables collaborative lesson planning and peer to peer coaching to improve learning outcomes.

Teacherly Overview

Unleash your teaching potential

Flexible, remote and more collaborative teaching. The perfect platform for the modern teacher.

Collaborative teaching

Turn teachers into teams by making it easier for peers to collaborate in real time: wherever they may be. Connect teachers across schools and continents to share ideas and create a more equitable and interconnected world.

Teach remotely

Deliver remote lessons your students will love from anywhere at any time, through any device. Quickly tailor lessons to different groups, track student’s progress and make it effortless to teach remotely.

Engage students

Grab their attention and target every type of learner with eye-catching visuals, audio notes and interesting videos, all easily embedded in the lesson. Track student progress and discover what works when they’re in class or at home.

Learn forever

Professional development that is exciting, relevant, and bite-sized. Access a global community of educators to share best practices and inspire new thinking. Quick Professional Development audio courses to listen to on the go and take control of your own learning.

Achieve more, together, with Teacherly

  • Live collaboration

  • Multiple curriculums

  • Embed video, audio & more

  • Prebuilt lesson templates

  • Deliver remote lessons

  • Track student progress

  • Annotate lessons

  • Real time messaging

Learn more about this Abu Dhabi Startup by visting their website: https://teacherly.io

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