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An enterprise software that combines technology with its experiential marketing expertise to provide businesses with a comprehensive, efficient, all-in-one solution.

Surkus Overview

Two apps, two ways to discover your new favorite businesses and products Want to discover hidden gems in your neighborhood or try new products from the comfort of your home? We have an app for that!

Surkus Local App

Discover businesses you’ll love

We hand-pick the best businesses for the app. We pride ourselves on finding the local hidden gems that will become your next go-to.

Earn cashback and rewards

The more you go, the more you earn. Earn between 5-15% back based on your loyalty and get rewarded for every dollar you spend.

Support Local

We put you in touch directly with the business. No hidden fees, no secret agenda, no middleman. Just you and them.

Surkus App

Discover products you’ll love

Surkus partners with brands to give you access to products tailored to your interests.

Earn cashback and rewards

Get rewarded by completing simple steps such as creating content or giving customer feedback.

The more you complete, the more you earn

Become a VIP by completing multiple offers and get first dibs to future products.

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