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An outdoor to indoor location-based solution that provides wayfinding and location-aware messaging.

Smart Navigation Systems Overview

We provide innovative outdoor to indoor location based solutions that fit the requirements of many use cases. We are continuing our innovation in enhancing our platform and applications. InNav is our ready-to-use platform and mobile application that presents a new form of indoor navigation solutions.

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Smart Navigation Systems offers the following:

  • Indoor Positioning and Navigation
  • Outdoor Positioning and Navigation
  • Location Based Services
  • Design, Build and Operate
  • Device Prototyping
  • White Label Approach

Indoor Positioning and Navigation

We develop state-of-the-art indoor location systems. Our platform and mobile application InNav is among the best indoor location solutions in the world.

Outdoor Positioning and Navigation

Our long-term experience in location based solutions allows us to develop first-class, quick and cost effective outdoor location based solutions. OurSchoolBus is a platform and a mobile application for school bus management, and it is the foundation of many use case oriented tracking systems.

Location Based Services

We provide first-class, quick, secure, sustainable and cost effective location based services. We achieve this utilizing our long-term experience and partnership with the best technology providers.

Design, Build and Operate

We provide turnkey full sustainable solutions. We help our clients in defining their requirements, designing systems which best fit their needs, implementing quality and quick systems and ensuring sustainable operation and maintenance services. All of this is delivered at very reasonable cost ensuring return of investment for our clients.

Device Prototyping

We help our clients in developing the prototypes in the early stages of examining and testing their aimed final products.

White Label Approach

We offer our solutions as white labeled versions. This means that we transfer our applications to a new server, change the domain name and create separate applications on the stores for the clients.

Smart Navigation Systems Products:


Our solution is smart indoor positioning and navigation (IPIN) mobile application where users with the help of a smartphone can receive indoor voice guided navigation and location based information alerts to make it easy to find and explore places and items in places like shopping malls, museums or other “big” buildings catering to the needs of visitors. The initiative is run under the UAE based startup Smart Navigation System.

Our School Bus

The mobile application allows parents to receive notifications and SMS once the bus approaches their home and notify the bus driver if their student is absent. It allows parents to track the bus on the map in real time if the student is late and wants to catch the bus. The control panel allows the school administrators to detect students presence on the bus and optimize the process of distributing students among buses to be collected at the minimum distance from their houses.

Smart 5D

Smart 5D is a Unity-powered mobile application that provides users with a 3D reconstruction of apartment buildings. This cross-platform app works both on iOS and Android platforms and is managed from a web-based control panel. The 3D constructor includes a general floor plan of the model and every apartment layout and furniture arrangement. Property owners can manage their buildings, add furniture inside their apartments, set the price per unit, and application users can find a suitable home and take a 3D-tour inside of it.

School Bell Ringer

The School Bell Ringer is a mobile application that allows authorized teacher administrators to download or edit the school bell ringing timetable with their mobile devices via Bluetooth to programmable device that rings the bell according to the downloaded schedule. Completely customizable timetables can be updated, and the timetable is stored in the ringing device.

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