CompanyEgg is a global business search engine with over 200M pages. We’re the largest 100% ad-free business search engine on the internet.

According to Google, more than half of all Google searches have local intent. Every website that offers local data is cluttered with advertising. These platforms allow business owners to advertise, often allowing business owners to place advertising on their competitors company listing. This is misleading to consumers and hurts business owners.

We’re the fastest business directory on the Internet and one of the only ones without advertising. We’re not doing tricky things with advertising or selling our users browsing data.

CompanyEgg is a truly infinitely scalable project. By building a business search engine and taking it global with data for every country in 15+ languages, we have the opportunity to reach 125 million+ SMEs around the world and serve business data to BILLIONS of web surfers.

Problems with existing solutions:

Ads everywhere: Ads flood other sites and always promote competitors — something a business owner never wants to see.

Poor user experience: The prevalence of ads creates a busy and visually frustrating experience that’s unpleasant to navigate.

Sluggish load times: Other sites are slow to load on both desktops and mobile devices, often because of auto-play video ads that users despise.

No control: Business directories on Yelp, Google, and Facebook control the message, often manipulating potential customers. Our search engine brings customers to the website for the business owner, who controls their own message and content.

Substantial opportunity for digital transformation of SMEs in the region:

  • Every SME needs a business listing.
  • Every SME needs a website.

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